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Future Claimz Services

Our promise is to handle each claim with the highest integrity, quality assurance and exceptional customer service. Our ability to supply knowledgeable and well versed independent adjusters with the versatility in an array of insurance fields whether it be flood, wind, hail or fire.


We provide claim handling and support services to serve the insurance company, self-insured, and government entities. We deliver only the best in the insurance field. Future Claimz Service can deliver highly experienced staff to manage claims and administrative duties from life changing events that may have occurred naturally or man-made that may affect customers.

Customer Service

Future Claimz Service takes pride in efficiently assisting customers not only with their immediate needs, but offering additional guidance in the most…


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In the ever-changing field of innovation, it is imperative that companies strive to be pioneers in offering advanced solutions to its supporters.FCS pledges to be on the forefront…


Every Future Claimz Service Adjusters is well versed in administering claims at all levels of complexity.  Each adjuster has earned exemplary…


Building success with the industry leading adjusters naturally incorporates leadership at all levels of our associates.Our management team…


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Daily Insurance Claims

 We employ a network of professional independent claims adjusters allowing us to service claims in both rural and urban locations with reliability, quality and the utmost respect for your time. Our property adjusters react quickly and thoroughly to service all claims large or small.

Catastrophe Insurance Service

Catastrophe Insurance Claims Future Claimz Service offers claims adjusting with a proven and experienced team of managers and adjusters ready to meet your needs.   Future Claimz Service is here to assist and maintain the desired quality of service in this customer service driven market. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of customer service while maintaining a competitive fee schedule.

  • Hurricane
  • Flood
  • Hail
  • Fire
  • Tornado